Indian River County Florida
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Non-Domestic Animals Contact

Busch Wildlife
(561) 575-3399

Department of Natural Resources (turtles only)
(772) 575-5455

Marine Patrol
(772) 624-6935

Ranch and Grove
(772) 569-6700

Manatee Hotline

Florida Game and Fresh-water Fish Commission
(352) 732-1225

Licensing - it is unlawful for a person to keep any domestic pet over the age of four months without obtaining a county license. Proof of a current rabies inoculation is needed at the time of license application.

Citations - the Animal Control Division can issue citations to those violating county animal control regulations. The citations, however, are for civil infractions, not criminal.

Private Property - animal control officers are empowered to enter onto private property (this does not include entry into a dwelling structure or fenced enclosure) and demand animal and/or tag be exhibited to officer.

Animal control officers may, however, enter fenced enclosures, but not dwellings or structures, for the purpose of apprehending a rabies suspect; animals in need of medical attention; cruelly treated animals; or vicious animals not properly controlled.
In such cases, officers are granted immunity from prosecution for reasonable, good faith trespass on real property.

Interference with an animal control officer- it is unlawful to interfere with, hinder, or molest an animal control officer in the performance of his/her duties; or to unlawfully seek to release any animal in the custody of an officer.

Pets at large - it is unlawful to allow pets to run at large (off the property of the owner or not under control of a competent person). This includes all dogs and cats.

Annoying Domestic Pets- keeping a habitually loud barking, yelping or howling domestic pet is unlawful.

Female pets - female domestic pets must be securely confined upon private premises when in heat.

Pets in motor vehicles - it is unlawful for any operator of a motor vehicle to allow an animal to ride in any unenclosed section of the vehicle without providing a cage or restraining device that will prohibit the animal from reaching the outside perimeters of the vehicle.

Injured Animals - the Animal Control Division is authorized to take action as to treatment and disposition of any injured animal as it deems necessary and humane and the owner of the animal is not known.
The Animal Control Division can take custody of the animal if the owner, when located, does not pay all charges assessed.

Vicious pets - when an animal has been determined to be vicious or show propensities toward viciousness, it must be confined in a secure 3-sided enclosure; be tattooed; and muzzled when out in public. Failure to do so is a violation of CRIMINAL, not civil law.

Quarantine- any domestic pet biting an individual will be quarantined for 10 days. The animal control officer will determine whether the animal will be quarantined at home or at the Humane Society. Any cost incurred during the quarantine will be the responsibility of the owner.

Livestock - it is unlawful to keep or permit to run at large, horses, donkeys, cattle, swine, sheep, fowl and goats, unless on property zoned agricultural.